Gairdner River

The Gairdner River winds its way to the Gordon Inlet, where the Southern Ocean and Trigelow beach lie just behind a sandbar.

riverbank Gairdner RiverGairdner River in the duskIn some years the river meets the ocean which can look especially beautiful.

It's a  peaceful waterway, with lots of bird life like pelicans or Black Swans and other waterbirds as well as sea eagles or parrots

It takes about 3  1/2 hours return by canoe or kayak right to the Inlet, shorter trips to red cliffs can be done as well.

Kayak on the Gairdner RiverThere is one kayak (2persons) for hire at the nearby boat access, which is only 2.7km from the Quaalup Homestead Wilderness Retreat.

As an idea: You could share the experience with friends, one group kayaking down to the Inlet, the others can drive there  and kayak back up the river. There is no strong current either way.