Noongar Seasons

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BIRAK  December/January

Dry and hot, Birak is characterised by arid easterly or north-easterly winds in the morning and coastal sea breezes in the afternoon. 

Moodjar (Christmas Trees) are in bloom as are Melaleuca Subfalcata, Banksia Attenuata and  Banksia Baxteri, as well as various Eucalypts.

Birak is an excellent time for birds and Honey Possums, as nectar and Gum are being produced by many plants

BUNURU  February/March

The hottest part of the year, with sparse rainfall throughout the most of the South West. Easterly winds still prevail, but occasionally heat troughs bring humid conditions.

Wattles, Eucalyptus Lehmanniana, Banksia Media, are flowering.

DJERAN  April/May

The cooler weather begins, although rain is still infrequent and the winds are somewhat lighter.

Many native fruits begin to appear, drawing birds to the National Park. 

Djeran is the traditional time when bulbs and tubers where collected for food.

Depending on January-rainfall the Qualup Bells start to flower, as well as the Pincushion Hakea

MAKURU  June/July

The cold fronts that have until now brushed the lower south west coast begin to cross further north, and gales and storms occur with increasing frequency. This is usually the wettest part of the year.

Cauliflower Hakea, Hakea Victoria, Prickly Moses, Scarlet Banksia, Native Wisteria, Bacon and eggs plants and Leucopogon Apiculatus(heath) all flowering during this time.

July and August are the best month to see the Southern Right Whales at Point Ann.

DJILBA  August/September

With clear, cold nights and quite pleasant days, or warmer, rainy and windy periods, this season definitely is a peak flowering time in the Fitzgerald Region.

As the nights begin to warm up there are more clear, sunny days.

Many Orchids bloom in August.

KAMBARANG  October/November

A definite warming trend is accompanied by longer dry periods and fewer cold fronts crossing the coast.

Beaufortia, Kangaroo Paw, various Conostylis and  Isopogon are in bloom, just to name a few.



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