The Fitzgerald River National Park is blessed with numerous white sanded beaches with azure blue water, just like the Caribean sea. 

rocks at Point Ann BeachTriggelow Beach with KangarooThe closest beach from the Quaalup Homestead Wilderness Retreat is Trigelow Beach, where the Gordon Inlet meets the Southern Ocean, just 12 km by 4WD.

You can find a sheltered spot to laze around and have a picnic in the beautiful coastal dunes, with views to the Doubtful Islands.

Point Ann Beach Triggelow BeachPoint Ann, offering small bays and a long beach is 33 km from the Retreat by 2WD. The view from there over to Mid- and East Mount Barren is absolutely stunning.

The Doubtful Island Area (serious 4WD only!), south-east of Quaalup, offers many bays with sheltered waters( e.g. House Beach, Drages Beach) or surfing opportunities at Peppermint Beach. There is also a spectacular Blowhole and a giant Sand Dune to explore. The area is around 15 to 20 km from the Retreat.

Very basic Mud Map for this area is available at the reception 

Boondadup River Beaches